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Specialty Referrals

Dr. Charles and Dr. Shannon at Spalding Dental provide full service dentistry, however we may refer you to a specialist for certain cases to ensure the best quality of care in an expedient manner. 

We work closely with many specialists in the Anchorage area including:

Oral surgeons


Pediatric dentists



Oral Surgeons

Our oral surgery associates provide services such as sedation for difficult extractions and implant placement as well as biopsy of suspected oral cancer.  Dr. Nordstrom & Dr. Dashow & Dr. Ueeck  Dr. Reinbold Dr. Edwards and Dr. Bonnington Dr. Bergeron and Dr. Holloway

Pediatric Dentists

Our pediatric dental associates are able to provide care for young children who require a higher level of behavior management.  They offer in-office oral sedation all the way up to treatment under general anesthesia in the operating room.  Dr. Foster & Dr. Rabatain Dr. Ostby at Just Kids Dr. Barnes Dr. Maxiner in Wasilla


Our Endodontic associates provide root canal services for difficult teeth in a very expedient manner Dr. Sulte Dr. Jeppsen and Dr. Baker Dr. Mark, Dr. Mauger, Dr. Harkacz



Our Orthodontic associates provide braces to help align your smile and correct bite discrepancies.  They use traditional braces as well as Invisalign. Dr. Hartman Dr. Koropp Dr. Libby Dr. Murray

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