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Dr Charles and Dr. Shannon met while attending dental school at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health in Mesa, AZ.  

Our School has a dual focus on public health service and the latest in dental technology to train dentists to provide the best possible patient care with the best possible technology.  

We put a heavy emphasis on prevention and good oral health to help reduce the number of cavities and periodontal problems our patients experience.   A little bit of prevention is much easier than restoring a whole mouth of cavities.  


 When you come in for an initial exam we will determine the state of your oral health and the various factors that influence it.  We work with you to design a custom treatment plan that will restore optimum health to your teeth and gums.  We will never force a treatment plan upon you, our belief is that the patient should be in control of their oral health and have the information to make an informed decision on their care.  

Dr. Charles Spalding

I am an Alaska Native and was born in a remote village on Kodiak Island; moving to Seward to attend school.  Growing up in Seward gave me a chance to explore the mountains, ocean, lakes and rivers and develop a deeply ingrained love of our great state. 

My passion for dentistry started at a very young age- at age 5 I declared my intentions of becoming a dentist “like uncle Norman” who was my dentist .  I graduated from Seward High School in 2001 and started my pre-dental studies at Augustana College in Rock Island Illinois graduating with a major in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Dental School brought me to Mesa, Arizona at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.  ASDOH was at the time the newest school in the nation and had a cutting edge curriculum which focused on the latest and most updated dental procedures available while maintaining a focus on Public Health.  The four years in Arizona allowed me to meet my lovely wife Shannon (who graduated dental school in 2010) and solidified my mindset that I needed to return home to Alaska and serve my people. 

I practiced dentistry with the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage from 2009 until 2013.  This time provided many learning experiences from the numerous senior dentists and allowed me to serve the Alaska Native community.  At the end of my IHS contract I transitioned in to private practice working with Drs Phil and Lara Mabry and Dr. Charles Michael. 

Outside of work hours you can find me biking the trails of Anchorage or snowboarding the backcountry or fishing with Shannon, our two daughters and our golden retriever Zeppelin.  

Dr. Shannon Spalding


Dr. Shannon Spalding grew up in the mountains of north eastern Washington in Colville and excelled in high school sports as well as academics.  She became interested in dentistry after receiving dental therapy for a TMJ issues during her junior year. Shannon earned her degree in Chemistry from Willamette University in Salem, OR with a minor in Biology.  While in Salem track was a large part of her life and she received the honor of becoming a 2 time All-American 400 hurdler.  

Dental school brought Shannon to Mesa, AZ where she would excell in her studies as well as meet her future husband- Charles.  After graduating and being honored as operative dental student of the year she moved to Anchorage, AK and began working two jobs in private practice as well as the Indian Health Service.  Shannon's desire to be involved with public health lead her to switch to full time IHS.  After three years and many rural village trips and local volunteer events she was recruited to work with Drs Phil and Lara Mabry in private practice.  

In the spring of 2019 Shannon and Charles were given the opportunity to purchase the private office of Dr. Michael's where Charles had been working for the past 6 years.  Shannon is excited to join with Charles in one location and continue the care of the dental family that Dr. Michael's established in 1979. We look forward to many more years taking care of our dental family while we watch ours grow. Charles and Shannon have two daughters and will be welcoming a third this summer 2020. 

Dr. Charles Michael

Charles Michael, DDS grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and graduated from West Anchorage High School in 1968.  He earned his BS in pharmacy in 1974 from University of Washington.  He earned his dental degree from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL in 1979.   He opened our current dental office in 1986.  He sold the practice to Dr.  Charles and Dr. Shannon in 2019 and continues to work part time (when he isn't on vacation)

Dr. Michael is married with 4 grown children and three beautiful grandchildren.  He spends his time skiing, water skiing, cycling, fishing, and all of the other wonderful outdoor oportunities that Alaska affords. 

He volunteers his time and skills with Special Olympics, Rotary International, and Donated Dental Services.  

Brittny Raye, RDH

Brittny is a native of Austin, Texas and found the allure of big states irresistable.  She has been practicing in Anchorage for 7 years and has been with Spalding dental for one year.  She has no idea I am writing this bio for her.  She is a very good hygenist and enjoys taking her daughter to volleyball and band

Lily Cole, RDH

Lily grew up in Oregon and got her degree in dental hygiene in Oregon.  The lure of Alaska brought her north where she enjoys hunting and fishing in her off time.  

Morgan Whitfield, RDH

Morgan grew up in Palmer, AK and recieved her hygiene  degree from UAA.  She has been with the office since 2016 and is currently part time while pursuing 

Lori Boltz, RDH

Lori graduated with a degree in dental hygiene from UAA in 1992.  Prior to that she had spent 16 years as a dental assistant.  She has been with the office since 1992.  Lori enjoys to travel and spend time with her grand daughters. 

Christi- Dental Assistant

Christi is a born and raised Alaskan, part Alaska Native.  She was trained as a dental assistant at Alaska Native Medical Center and has been in private practice since 2004. She is happily married and has 4 kids.  They enjoy sports and outdoor activities.  

Trasi- Dental Assistant

Trasi has worked with Dr. Michael for over 20 years.  She grew up in Nome, Alaska with New Mexico roots.  In her off time you can find Trasi riding her Harley Davidson and camping in the beautiful woods of Alaska.  

Joe- Dental Assistant

Joe is Alaska Native, born and raised in the Bethel area.  He has been dental assisting for 12 years in private practice.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and spending his time with his wife and young daughter.  

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